Special Guests

Special Guests

Special Guests will appear at ECCC all three days unless otherwise noted.


All Artist Writer Cosplayer Novelist


Alphabetical Date Added

  • Jason Adams

    Jason Adams

  • Brooke Allen

    Brooke Allen

  • Grace Allison

    Grace Allison

  • Paul Allor

    Paul Allor

  • Ani-Mia


  • Kristafer Anka

    Kristafer Anka

  • James Asmus

    James Asmus

  • Attaboy


  • Art Baltazar

    Art Baltazar

  • Frank Barbiere

    Frank Barbiere

  • David Baron

    David Baron

  • Blond


  • Duffy Boudreau

    Duffy Boudreau

  • Ivan Brandon

    Ivan Brandon

  • Ed Brisson

    Ed Brisson

  • Mark Brooks

    Mark Brooks

  • Lars Brown

    Lars Brown

  • Garry Brown

    Garry Brown

  • Cullen Bunn

    Cullen Bunn

  • Erik Burnham

    Erik Burnham

  • Eric Canete

    Eric Canete

  • Zander Cannon

    Zander Cannon

  • Jim Cheung

    Jim Cheung

  • Ken Christiansen

    Ken Christiansen

  • Johnnie Christmas

    Johnnie Christmas

  • Amy Chu

    Amy Chu

  • Brian Churilla

    Brian Churilla

  • Katie Cook

    Katie Cook

  • Colleen Coover

    Colleen Coover

  • Joshua Covey

    Joshua Covey

  • Bill Crabtree

    Bill Crabtree

  • Wes Craig

    Wes Craig

  • Shawn Crystal

    Shawn Crystal

  • Dennis Culver

    Dennis Culver

  • Farel Dalrymple

    Farel Dalrymple

  • Kelly Sue DeConnick

    Kelly Sue DeConnick

  • Anthony Del Col

    Anthony Del Col

  • Leila Del Duca

    Leila Del Duca

  • Shannon Denton

    Shannon Denton

  • Benjamin Dewey

    Benjamin Dewey

  • Ivy Doomkitty

    Ivy Doomkitty

  • Nick Dragotta

    Nick Dragotta

  • Becky Dreistadt

    Becky Dreistadt

  • Max Dunbar

    Max Dunbar

  • Kevin Eastman

    Kevin Eastman

  • Dylan Edwards

    Dylan Edwards

  • Joe Eisma

    Joe Eisma

  • Chris Eliopoulos

    Chris Eliopoulos

  • Gabe Eltaeb

    Gabe Eltaeb

  • Mark Englert

    Mark Englert

  • Jay Faerber

    Jay Faerber

  • Nathan Fairbairn

    Nathan Fairbairn

  • Cat Farris

    Cat Farris

  • Ray Fawkes

    Ray Fawkes

  • Nick Filardi

    Nick Filardi

  • Kelly Fitzpatrick

    Kelly Fitzpatrick

  • Max Fiumara

    Max Fiumara

  • Madéleine Flores

    Madéleine Flores

  • Jay P. Fosgitt

    Jay P. Fosgitt

  • Tom Fowler

    Tom Fowler

  • Matt Fraction

    Matt Fraction

  • Colleen Frakes

    Colleen Frakes

  • Francesco Francavilla

    Francesco Francavilla

  • Franco


  • Derek Fridolfs

    Derek Fridolfs

  • Agnes Garbowska

    Agnes Garbowska

  • Mitch Gerads

    Mitch Gerads

  • Frank Gibson

    Frank Gibson

  • Kieron Gillen

    Kieron Gillen

  • Melanie Gillman

    Melanie Gillman

  • Patrick Gleason

    Patrick Gleason

  • Adam Gorham

    Adam Gorham

  • Zac Gorman

    Zac Gorman

  • Brandon Graham

    Brandon Graham

  • Adi Granov

    Adi Granov

  • Justin Greenwood

    Justin Greenwood

  • Andrew Griffith

    Andrew Griffith

  • Kristen Gudsnuk

    Kristen Gudsnuk

  • Matt Haley

    Matt Haley

  • James Harren

    James Harren

  • Jeremy Haun

    Jeremy Haun

  • Beth Hetland

    Beth Hetland

  • Tom Hodges

    Tom Hodges

  • Greg Horn

    Greg Horn

  • Jody Houser

    Jody Houser

  • Edwin Huang

    Edwin Huang

  • Brian Hurtt

    Brian Hurtt

  • Georges Jeanty

    Georges Jeanty

  • Tyler Jenkins

    Tyler Jenkins

  • Phil Jimenez

    Phil Jimenez

  • Daniel Warren Johnson

    Daniel Warren Johnson

  • Brian Joines

    Brian Joines

  • J.G. Jones

    J.G. Jones

  • Dan Jurgens

    Dan Jurgens

  • Joe Keatinge

    Joe Keatinge

  • Ryan Kelly

    Ryan Kelly

  • Jung Gi Kim

    Jung Gi Kim

  • Lucy Knisley

    Lucy Knisley

  • Jason Latour

    Jason Latour

  • John Layman

    John Layman

  • Janet K. Lee

    Janet K. Lee

  • Stacey Lee

    Stacey Lee

  • Megan Levens

    Megan Levens

  • Corey Lewis

    Corey Lewis

  • Yasmin Liang

    Yasmin Liang

  • Aaron Lopresti

    Aaron Lopresti

  • Marissa Louise

    Marissa Louise

  • Robert Love

    Robert Love

  • Ed Luce

    Ed Luce

  • David Mack

    David Mack

  • Andrew MacLean

    Andrew MacLean

  • Kevin Maguire

    Kevin Maguire

  • Jim Mahfood

    Jim Mahfood

  • Clay Mann

    Clay Mann

  • Isaac Marion

    Isaac Marion

  • Paul Maybury

    Paul Maybury

  • Conor McCreery

    Conor McCreery

  • Seanan McGuire

    Seanan McGuire

  • Jamie McKelvie

    Jamie McKelvie

  • Carla Speed McNeil

    Carla Speed McNeil

  • Steve McNiven

    Steve McNiven

  • Dylan Meconis

    Dylan Meconis

  • Isabelle Melancon

    Isabelle Melancon

  • Mike Mignola

    Mike Mignola

  • Sfé R. Monster

    Sfé R. Monster

  • Chris Mooneyham

    Chris Mooneyham

  • Mark Morales

    Mark Morales

  • Michael Moreci

    Michael Moreci

  • Ibrahim Moustafa

    Ibrahim Moustafa

  • Sean Gordon Murphy

    Sean Gordon Murphy

  • Jake Myler

    Jake Myler

  • Ted Naifeh

    Ted Naifeh

  • Todd Nauck

    Todd Nauck

  • Pranas Naujokaitis

    Pranas Naujokaitis

  • Joe Ng

    Joe Ng

  • Peter Nguyen

    Peter Nguyen

  • Joshua Ortega

    Joshua Ortega

  • Andy Owens

    Andy Owens

  • Dan Parent

    Dan Parent

  • Tony Parker

    Tony Parker

  • Andrew Pepoy

    Andrew Pepoy

  • Dave Perillo

    Dave Perillo

  • David Petersen

    David Petersen

  • Christopher Peterson

    Christopher Peterson

  • Nick Pitarra

    Nick Pitarra

  • Chris Pyrate

    Chris Pyrate

  • Fabian Rangel Jr

    Fabian Rangel Jr

  • Rick Remender

    Rick Remender

  • Robbi Rodriguez

    Robbi Rodriguez

  • Matthew Rosenberg

    Matthew Rosenberg

  • Riley Rossmo

    Riley Rossmo

  • Simon Roy

    Simon Roy

  • Andy Runton

    Andy Runton

  • Tim Sale

    Tim Sale

  • Ben Saunders

    Ben Saunders

  • Matteo Scalera

    Matteo Scalera

  • Brent Schoonover

    Brent Schoonover

  • Carl Sciacchitano

    Carl Sciacchitano

  • Christopher Sebela

    Christopher Sebela

  • Brandon Seifert

    Brandon Seifert

  • Evan 'Doc' Shaner

    Evan 'Doc' Shaner

  • Alex Sinclair

    Alex Sinclair

  • Charles Soule

    Charles Soule

  • Michael A. Stackpole

    Michael A. Stackpole

  • Ryan Stegman

    Ryan Stegman

  • Noelle Stevenson

    Noelle Stevenson

  • Dave Stewart

    Dave Stewart

  • A. Stiffler

    A. Stiffler

  • Mico Suayan

    Mico Suayan

  • Andy Suriano

    Andy Suriano

  • Babs Tarr

    Babs Tarr

  • Nate Taylor

    Nate Taylor

  • Ben Templesmith

    Ben Templesmith

  • Bruce Timm

    Bruce Timm

  • Chris Visions

    Chris Visions

  • Long Vo

    Long Vo

  • Kevin Wada

    Kevin Wada

  • David Walker

    David Walker

  • Adam Warren

    Adam Warren

  • Brett Weldele

    Brett Weldele

  • Tom Whalen

    Tom Whalen

  • Kurtis J. Wiebe

    Kurtis J. Wiebe

  • Joshua Williamson

    Joshua Williamson

  • Bill Willingham

    Bill Willingham

  • Matt Wilson

    Matt Wilson

  • Charles Paul Wilson III

    Charles Paul Wilson III

  • Jake Wyatt

    Jake Wyatt

  • Skottie Young

    Skottie Young

  • Alexis Ziritt

    Alexis Ziritt

  • Jim Zub

    Jim Zub

  • Aaron Conley

    Aaron Conley

    Unable to Attend
  • Roc Upchurch

    Roc Upchurch

    Unable to Attend