03.22.2014   The Swagvelope Returns

Posted by: Andrea D The Swagvelope Returns
The majestic Swagvelope will be roaming the South Lobby of the convention center, grazing peacefully at the Merchandise Booth. By purchasing any tote bag at the Merchandise Booth (for $5), you will receive one Swagvelope.
What does the Swagvelope contain? This year’s envelope of goodies includes a full-length novel (courtesy of Random House), an exclusive ECCC variant cover, and more!
Don’t miss your chance at a Swagvelope, once they’re gone, they’re gone!

03.20.2014   Clare Kramer to Host at ECCC

Posted by: Andrea D Clare Kramer to Host at ECCC
Clare Kramer (best known as Glory in Buffy the Vampire Slayer) from (the website she co-founded) will be hosting all the celebrity panels in our Main Hall this year! Having conducted hundreds of interviews, we’re excited that Clare will be taking time out of her filming schedule to interview the celebrity guests appearing at ECCC.

03.20.2014   New Facilities for Parents and Children at ECCC

Posted by: Andrea D New Facilities for Parents and Children at ECCC
Emerald City Comicon has introduced a few new elements to this year's convention, and we wanted to make sure our attendees knew about them. Today we're introducing the New Parents' Room, Family Break Room, and Stroller Check.

New parents and babies are welcome to visit our New Parents' Room (WSCC room 201) for a quiet respite, far, far from the main floor. We'll have a place for you to feed and diaper our youngest attendees.

Next door in the Family Break Room (WSCC room 203), kids and families can take a break from the hustle and/or bustle of the show for a quick change, snack and just de-stimulate for a bit.

Across the hall we will have a Stroller Check (WSCC room 214) to park your wheels for a while, for when you just can't haul the cart around the show any more. Donations for this service will be accepted with proceeds donated to Child's Play.

03.19.2014   Quiet Rooms at ECCC

Posted by: Andrea D Quiet Rooms at ECCC
Emerald City Comicon has introduced a few new elements to this year's convention, and we wanted to make sure our attendees knew about them. The first amongst them is... The Quiet Rooms.

The Quiet Rooms have been put aside for those who need a mental health break from the convention floor, be it due to personal preservation, social anxiety, or health issues. Strict volume levels will be enforced, as this is for resting, not socializing. WSCC rooms 212 & 213.

03.19.2014   Andrew Hussie at Emerald City Comicon!

Posted by: Andrea D
Andrew Hussie

Andrew Hussie

Andrew Hussie is the author and illustrator of Homestuck on MS Paint Adventures, a webcomic epic told in various media styles including text, illustrations, animations, music and video games. Nearing 7,000 pages of near-daily updates since April 2009, Homestuck has garnered a fandom of passionate readers from all over the world. Andrew is currently working on the Homestuck Adventure Game, as well as the conclusion to Homestuck. Andrew is also the writer of the Namco High dating sim game.

03.19.2014   Image Comics Exclusives at ECCC!

Posted by: Andrea D Image Comics Exclusives at ECCC!
Skybound is giving away a free copy of The Walking Dead #1 to all attendees of Emerald City Comicon, with special variant full-color cover by Erik Larsen. The comic will be available for free to everyone who queues through 4A to enter the ECCC Show Floor, along with a lanyard and a copy of the ECCC program guide.

A special limited edition black and white cover variant will be available for purchase from Image Comics (booth #212).

Image Comics will also have exclusive variants of The Field #1 available from Ed Brisson (table #X-04), and Five Ghosts #10 available from Frank Barbiere (table #X-03). Further information can be found on our Show Exclusives page.

03.19.2014   Tales From The Con!

Posted by: Andrea D
The Elusive Exclusive

The Elusive Exclusive

03.18.2014   New ECCC Exclusives Announced!

Posted by: Andrea D New ECCC Exclusives Announced!
We have a whole bunch of new exclusive items, only available from the ECCC Merchandise Booth in the South Lobby. Be sure to check out the new items on our ECCC Exclusives page.

New exclusive items include a limited edition Emerald City Crusaderette print by J. Scott Campbell, and a limited edition Liberty Bottleworks water bottle with Batman & Robin art by Chris Burnham and Nathan Fairbairn.

There are also two items of clothing to commemorate the twelfth Emerald City Comicon: a jersey and a shirt! We also have a shirt inspired by Seattle's famous market!