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1. What is Monsters & Dames?

Monsters & Dames is ECCC's charity art book that raises money for Seattle Children's Hospital. The book itself is a full-color, 9"w x 12"h hardcover featuring original contributions from attending artists.

2. What is the theme?

The theme of the book is monsters and dames (surprise!). It's very loose so that artists can have fun with it. Monster vs. Dame? A monster dame? A hero rescuing the dame from a monster? Just the tip of the iceberg, whatever you can imagine, as long as it fits the theme monsters and dames, is fair game. You can see numerous examples of pieces in previous books on the main M&D page or on our Tumblr page.

3. Who is eligible to submit to Monsters & Dames?

Contributions are open to anyone who has secured exhibit space (regardless of booth type or Artist Alley table) and will be appearing at ECCC.

4. Are there any content restrictions?

Yes, only a couple:

1) You may only use original characters or characters you own the copyright to. NO copyrighted characters can be used in the illustration.

2) Make sure your illustration is PG-13(ish) - basically, no nudity or over-the-top gore. We are raising money for children, after all.

Okay, not a hard-and-fast restriction, but we receive numerous "girls with monster on a leash" submissions, so though that is indeed a valid "Monster & Dames," we tend to get it a lot and that increases your chances of not being chosen, just be forewarned!

5. If I submit a piece for the book, does it automatically get printed?

Submitting a piece does not guarantee placement in the book. After all the pieces have been submitted, a committee will choose the pieces that will be published in the final book and the artist will be notified either way of the final decision.

6. What is the deadline for submission?

The deadline is December 9th, 2015 (and don't forget, the piece needs to be full color!)

7. What are the dimensions for my submission?

The Monsters & Dames pages have a finished size of 8.8" wide x 12.26" tall. You can download a ZIP file with templates/guides in PDF and PSD format below (highly recommended).

Download Templates

8. What formats are accepted?

.TIF or .PDF is preferred (CMYK) at minimum 300dpi (450dpi - 600dpi is ideal). All submissions must be in full color.

9. How do I submit my piece?

You may submit your final file to if it is under 20MB.

If it is over 20MB, please e-mail for secure FTP instructions, or submit to that address using a file sending service such as YouSendIt (Hightail) or DropBox.

10. Do I have to donate the original to the ECCC Charity Art Auction?

No, you are not required to donate to participate in the book. If your piece is digital we understand there is no original. If you'd like to donate something to the auction for Children's Hospital, please e-mail Mike Miller at

11. Can I make prints for sale?

We ask that if your piece is chosen that you do not make prints for sale during ECCC, but after that, you may make prints forever and ever (and ever).

12. What do I do if my question isn't frequently asked?

Please e-mail Jim Demonakos with your questions.