Emerald City Comicon Gaming

Emerald City Comicon Gaming

Gaming has gotten so big at Emerald City Comicon that we had to move it into another building! Join us across the street in the Sheraton Hotel’s Metropolitan Ballroom to try out new games with demos starting throughout the day. We will have panels throughout the weekend, on everything to do with games! If there’s a game you already love, you and your friends can use our lending library to check out board games and play in our freeplay area. We’ll also have tournaments starting throughout the day. There will be exhibitors showing off and selling games you love and games you haven’t played yet. And if joysticks are your weapon of choice, we’ll have a Freeplay Arcade featuring pinball and classic arcade games, provided to us this year by the the Northwest Pinball and Arcade Show.

Sheraton Seattle Hotel
1400 6th Ave, Seattle
Metropolitan Ballroom (3rd Floor)

10:00AM to midnight on Friday and Saturday
10:00AM to 5:00PM on Sunday

The following is a list of game demonstrations throughout the weekend:

Demo Area
Alien Frontiers, Sunrise City, and more (Game Salute: Saturday only)
Donkey - It's a Kick (Cleveland Games)
Gaming tables (Geek Chic)
Learn to play Magic: The Gathering (Lady Planeswalkers Society)
Munchkin, OGRE, and more (Steve Jackson Games)
Mutants & Masterminds, Game of Thrones RPG, Dragon Age RPG (Green Ronin)
Oh My God, There's An Axe In My Head (Game Co. No. 3)
Room Party (Sofawolf Games)
Serpent's Tongue (UnBound Games)

Krosmaster Arena (Japanime Games)

Greenwood Room
Classic Arcade and Console Games (Northwest Pinball and Arcade Show)

Kirkland Room
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic CCG Tournaments and Learn to Play demos

Ballard Room
HeroClix Tournaments and Learn to Play demos

Metropolitan Ballroom
Yu-Gi-Oh TCG Tournaments and Learn to Play demos

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Demos!

In the tradition of great sword and sorcery tales and adventures Pathfinder the Roleplaying Game continues the legacy of tabletop gaming into the next generation!  Come try a demo of the worlds best selling tabletop RPG and meet local volunteers who can help you find games in your area.  Games take 45-60 minutes and start 10 minutes after every hour from 12PM to 7PM Friday and Saturday, 12PM to 5PM Sunday! Swing by before or after those hours and we will put you into a game as soon as enough players are present!  Tables seat 3 to 7 players! Bring your friends to try a demo and learn about Pathfinders living campaign, The Pathfinder Society!  A colossal gaming organization spanning the globe with over 60,000 members! 

Pathfinder Card Game Demos!

Paizo Publishing's Pathfinder RPG has finally made it into a new and unique exciting card game!  Ever wanted to try your hand at adventuring, but haven't found the tabletop gaming experience for you?  Try out the Pathfinder Card Game!  Play cooperatively with friends and fellow adventurers to solve puzzles, explore dangerous locales, and defeat infamous enemies! Demos run 12PM to 7PM Friday and Saturday, 12PM to 5PM Sunday, and take 30 to 45 minutes for a demo, or play a full game in 60 to 90 minutes!  Come to the gaming section outside of those hours and when we have enough folks to start a game we will!

Prefunction Hallway
Indie RPG / Story Games on Demand

Ravenna Room (hosted by Cascade Games)
Magic: the Gathering tournaments and Learn to Play demos

Go for a World Record! (Greenwood Room)

How would you like to go home from Emerald City Comicon with a world record?  Several new records were set in 2013 and the Video Game Scoreboard (VGS) crew is returning in 2014 to validate scores on classic arcade games along with an Xbox One and a couple Android based Wikipad tablets.
Video Game Scoreboard will be co-located with the arcade in the Greenwood room on the third floor of the Seattle Sheraton hotel. They will be validating world records and high scores from opening time until the arcade closes at 10:00 pm on Friday & Saturday and 4:30 pm on Sunday. If there are any specific game on which you would like to try for a world record, please email the details to Records@VideoGameScoreboard.com so they can try to line up the game for you.  For more information, check out their website at http://www.videogamescoreboard.com/ where you can track down current scores, read cool articles and find out how to record and submit scores at home.

Good luck on getting that high score and enjoy the games.