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About The Show

1. What is Emerald City Comicon?

2. When is Emerald City Comicon?

3. When do tickets go on sale?

4. Where is it?

5. What are the hours?

6. I have never been to an event like this. What happens?

7. What is a panel?

8. What is an autograph session?

9. What are the photography/videography rules for ECCC?

10. Who are this year's invited guests?

Rules and Policies

1. General

2. Badges

3. Alcohol/Smoking

4. Behavior

5. Cameras/Photography/Video

6. Cancellation policy

7. Weapons policy

8. Cosplay rules

9. Disability policy

10. What is Emerald City Comicon's Anti-Harassment Policy?

Panel Filming

1. Are any of the panels recorded?