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About The Show

1. What is Emerald City Comicon?

2. When is Emerald City Comicon?

3. Where is it?

4. What are the hours?

5. I have never been to an event like this. What happens?

6. Who are this year's guests?

7. How can I get updates on this year's show?

Rules and Policies

1. General

2. Passes

3. Alcohol/Smoking

4. Behavior

5. Cameras, Photography, and/or Video

6. Cancellation policy

7. Cosplay rules

8. Anti-Harassment Policy

9. Can I bring a suitcase, stroller, handcart, or something similar to ECCC?

10. Weapons policy

11. How do I make my prop weapon safe to bring to the show?

12. What is Peace Bonding?

13. Can my prop weapon be confiscated?

Assistance at ECCC

1. Is the convention center accessible?

2. How do I request special assistance?

3. I need a physical aid, can you help me?

4. What accommodations do you have for those with social anxiety or related problems?

5. I can't stand in lines very long, can you provide help?

6. Is there any assistance for panel rooms?

7. Are there services for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing?

8. Do you allow service and therapy animals?

9. What acommodations do you have for families?

Passes, Tickets, and Badges

1. Where can I purchase passes for Emerald City Comicon?

2. Why do I need a pass?

3. How much does an ECCC pass cost?

4. What is a Celebrity Fast Pass?

5. What is a Deluxe Pass?

6. What does "exclusive line access" mean?

7. Which pass gives me priority or reserved panel room seating?

8. Are there any limits on Child Passes?

9. How many passes can I buy?

10. Will ECCC passes sell out?

11. If the pass I want is sold out, will more be put on sale?

12. Will you have passes for sale at the door?

13. Are ECCC passes transferable?

14. Will ECCC passes be available at local stores?

15. Why are you not selling passes through local stores?

16. Can I buy a pass even if I don't live in the United States?

17. What payment methods are available for Pass purchase?

18. Can I get a refund on my pass(es)?

19. I am having a problem with my pass, can you help?

20. What is the difference between Passes, Tickets, and Badges?

21. What happened to the VIP pass?

22. Why haven't my Passes arrived yet?

23. Can I change the address that my passes will be sent to?

Panels and Programming

1. What is a panel?

2. How do I request a panel?

3. I am having trouble submitting a panel request, what should I do?

4. I submitted a Panel Request, why have I not heard back?

5. Where is 'insert panel name here' being held?

6. I missed, forgot, could not get in, didn't know about 'insert panel name here' is there anything I can I do?

7. I saw a celebrity panel but did not get to ask my question, is there anything I can do about it?

8. I would like to see a panel but am concerned I might not get into see it. What can I do?

Celebrity Guests

1. Where are the celebrity guests located during the show?

2. How do I get a celebrity autograph?

3. Can I get anything signed?

4. What is an Autograph Session?

5. How much do autographs cost?

6. How many autographs can I buy?

7. How do I pay for an autograph?

8. If I don't want an autograph but want to meet a guest, may I just walk up and meet them?

9. When do Autograph Sessions start?

10. When do Autograph Sessions end?

11. What is a Celebrity Photo Op?

12. How do I get a Celebrity Photo Op?

13. How much do Celebrity Photo Ops cost?

14. What does "solo photo op" mean?

15. How many Celebrity Photo Ops can I get?

16. How do I pay for a Photo Op?

17. How many people are allowed in one purchased Photo Op?

18. When do Photo Ops start?

19. When do Photo Ops end?

20. Are the celebrity guests there the whole time?

21. How early should I arrive for a Photo Op?

22. What if I miss the Photo Op I paid for?

23. Will I get a refund?

24. When do I get the print of my Photo Op?

25. Really?

26. Do I just get one Photo Op print?

27. What if I don't like the picture?

28. How long do re-prints take?

29. What is the digital copy?

30. Why can I take a cell phone photo with some celebrity guests, but not all?

31. Why do you not bring back the same celebrity guests year after year?

32. Why do you distinguish Celebrity Guest versus Voice Talent?

33. Do you take guest requests?

Costume Contest

1. When is the costume contest?

2. How do I watch the costume contest?

3. If I want to compete, do I need to register?

4. Do I have to know what my costume is before I register?

5. Is there preliminary judging?

6. Can I re-use a costume I've worn before?

7. What are the costume contest categories?

8. Can I enter by individually or with friends?

9. When do I know if my application has been confirmed?

10. Is this a masquerade party or dance?

11. Can I wear a costume if I only want to watch?

12. Can I sign up to participate in the Contest when I get to the con?

13. I want to register for (or attend) the Costume Contest: what pass do I need to purchase for ECCC?

14. What if I just want to attend and watch the Costume Contest, but not the rest of the convention?

15. Is there a particular theme or focus I must adhere to?

16. I have another question about the costume contest not answered here

Press Application

1. How do I apply for a Press pass?

2. Can I conduct interviews without a Press pass?

3. Will my press information be kept confidential?

Volunteering as a Minion

1. When does the Minion Application open?

2. If I'm under the age of 18 can I volunteer?