Exhibitors FAQ

Exhibitors FAQ

Please review all these Frequently Asked Questions carefully before emailing us. If your question is not listed, you can contact either Mike Miller at mikem@emeraldcitycomicon.com or Kristina Rogers at kristina@emeraldcitycomicon.com.
Thank you!

1. How do I submit my application?

2. What are the dimensions of my space?

3. How many badges do I get?

4. How do I get more badges?

5. What should I do if I have a placement request?

6. When do I know if I am confirmed for the show?

7. How do I cancel if I can't make it to the show?

8. How do I secure a load-in time on the loading dock?

9. Do you offer free WiFi at the show?

10. How do I purchase electricity, internet, extra booth tables, etc.?

11. How do I ship my booth/table stock to the Washington State Convention Center?

12. I haven't received any Exhibitor emails, is there a reason for this?

13. I sent an email to Info and have not gotten a response?

14. I am sharing my booth with someone else, do they need to fill out an application as well?

15. What is a UBI/Temporary Tax Number and where can I get one?

16. Do I need a temporary tax ID to submit my application?

17. What is a Pro Pass/How do I apply for a Pro Pass?

18. I'd like to work with ECCC to do an official show exclusive, how do I make that happen?

19. How do I submit a piece for Monsters & Dames?

20. I am interested in advertising with Emerald City Comicon, how do I do that?

21. I am interested in partnering for an after-hours event, how do I do that?

22. How do I change/adjust or be approved for a guest listing?

23. How do I change my website listing?

24. How do I change my company display name?

25. How do I submit a panel?

26. What kind of attendence can I expect?

27. What are the show hours?

28. What are the show's set-up hours?

29. What are the show's re-stock hours?

30. What are the show's move-out hours?