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04.01.2015   Tales From The Con!

Posted by: Andrea D

03.29.2015   Costume Contest Winners!

Posted by: Andrea D
Costume Contest Winners!
Thank you to everyone who participated in our Costume Contest! Thank you also to our judges Ivy Doomkitty, Ani-Mia, and Bill Doran. And of course, thank you to all the fans and attendees who watched the contest last night, and cheered on the competitors!

Here are the winners of Costume Contest: Jailbreak!

Tailors Category

  1. Kaylee Frye (Renee Spencer)
  2. Yondu Odanta (Rick Louis)
  3. Queen of the Reef (Arielle Lien)‚Äč

Duo Category
  1. Lady Sif and Thor (Beverly Downen, Brett Downen)
  2. Pumpkin King Jack and Queen Sally (Dahlia Cortez)
  3. Mr. & Mrs. Pyramid head (Jack Fortunato, Dainna Tyler)

Tinker Category
  1. Thrall (Ryan Paskadi)
  2. Vicious Gladiator (Kat Gray)
  3. Tiamat (Lila Waters)

Group Category
  1. The Hobbit - Bilbo Baggins, Kili, Tauriel (Aaron Thompson, Erik Keith, Shelby Ford)
  2. Teen Titans - Raven, Robin, Starfire, Blue Beetle, Beast Boy (Anna Bowen, Grace Bowen, Aloura McDanel, Carlos Cabrera, Jon Okun)
  3. Nightmare Before Christmas - Oogie Boogie, Jack Skellington, Sally (Jonathan Frakes, Marcel Helland, Jeremiah Case)

Audience Choice
  • Thrall (Ryan Paskadi)

Masters Category
  1. Thrall (Ryan Paskadi)
  2. Celes Chere as Maria (Gabrielle Reed)
  3. Iron Man Mark 7 (Rob Doran)

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